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The Fleur De Lis is more than just a symbol. It represents all of the people that were victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Fleur De Lis has become a popular symbol of faith and rebuilding of lives and homes of everyone affected by this terrible natural disaster.

Most of the time when a natural disaster strikes, the people involved don’t know how to deal with the outcome. The news and media outlets project an image of all out terror and panic of the people in the areas affected. I personally had the unfortunate luck of being in the middle of hurricane Katrina and feeling her almighty force. The calamity brought forth was unforseable as I watched trees snap like toothpicks, homes covered to the rooflines in water, and people unable to get out floating lifeless in the street.

There are many ways to express ones feeling about something like a hurricane or earthquake or flood. Mixed emotions still run through the city like some sort of bubonic plague. Everywhere you go, coffee shops, malls, etc. one still hears the words pre-Katrina or Post_Katrina. We don’t live in today’s time we live in Katrina time.

The days after the storm were very strange. There were animals running wild that were left behind by their masters, people wandering the streets with no cause, and buildings that were lifted from their foundations like someone very strong picked them up and dropped them next door. There were no utilities available such as electricity or running water for the uprooted trees broke the water mains. The city was a ghost town. What was even stranger was the fact that gunfire was still heard even though few people remained. I suppose the gunfire was law enforcement killing hungry animals that escaped their restraints. There are many details about life after the storm that most people didn’t experience because they weren’t there. They were holed up in some strange hotel paid by FEMA or with some relatives whom they haven’t seen in years.

Hurricane Katrina has left her scars to witness anywhere one travels in this Post-K world. Many homes will never be lived in again and many families will never see their loved ones again.

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